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Champions from the start.

We select the only the finest of retrievers for our breeding program.

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A dog you will be proud of.

The VSD training program is a tried and tested gun dog development experience tailored to each individual dog in order to achieve their maximum potential. All of our dogs are hunted in hyper-realistic scenarios and AKC/HRC tested. This is a measure to guarantee success in the field or at home. 

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Going on vacation? Work trip? Holidays?

Overnight luxury boarding services for all dog breeds available. 

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Making sit happen.

- ehney camp



John Stabler Gallion

"Virala has always meant a lot to me. I grew up hunting with good friends and family in Fitzpatrick, to me it’s about woodsman ship and creating those bonds with dogs and good buddies. 

When I sent my black lab “Bailey” aka bay bay to Virala Sporting Dogs I was expecting a good dog to come out of it but my expectations were exceeded. Bailey was shaped into a heck of a gun dog along with the most obedient dog I’ve ever had.

The skills Ehney Camp has shared with me over the years with Bailey have been incredible. Bailey is so well behaved in a hunting situation. I don’t have to worry about her running off she always stays next to me, until told to do otherwise.

I would recommend Virala Sporting Dogs to anyone who wants an incredible gun dog and a well behaved dog."

VIRALA Sporting Dogs

VSD is a family-run gun dog training business specializing in hunting. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our clients, from basic obedience to advanced field training for competitive retrievers.

With years of experience in training hunting dogs, our team of experts understand what it takes to produce an obedient and successful hunting companion. We take pride in our services and strive to provide the best possible training experience for both the dogs and their owners.

Our goal is to help hunters maximize their time in the field by giving them the tools. they need to get the most out of their dogs. With our specialized training methods, you can build a strong bond between you and your dog, while also honing your skills as a hunter.

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Services, Rates & Info


Competition Dog Training - Basics = $850/month + birds

Competition Dog Training - Advanced = $850/month + birds

Gun Dog Training = $850/month + birds

Obedience Dog Training = $800/month

Problem Solving, Lessons & Help = inquire

*Birds vary based on market rates.

Competition Gun Dog Training: The ultimate sporting dog package.

  • Dogs will train to compete in AKC/HRC hunt tests up to the highest level of their ability.

Gun Dog Training: The perfect hunting companion.

  • We create hyper-realistic hunting scenarios to develop all the necessary skills and prepare them for the hunt.

Obedience Training: Family dogs and house pets.

  • Basic level training principles applied. All things from potty training, excessive barking, and socialization; up to basic commands HERE/SIT/PLACE.


VIRALA Puppies = $1000-$3000

Stud Dog Fee = $TBD

*All puppies from our breeding program will be entitled to benefits including monthly training discounts, exclusive gear, and more! 

Success is achieved through diligence and preparation.

VSD assures clients results in the field and at home by searching out the most desirable traits among labradors to replicate. 

Contact us for info regarding current availabilities. 


Overnight Boarding = $35/night

Extended Boarding (14+ days = $30/day )

*All boarding dogs receive equal play time, additional time may be added for a fee.

We offer a overnight luxury boarding service for all dog breeds. Amenities include: indoor/outdoor kennel access, climate controlled facilities, kennel beds, and 30 mins of play twice daily for enrichment. 

Other Training Costs & Client Information

Handling Fees for AKC tests = $100 per event + transportation

Entry fees billed at cost (unless owner enters dog)

Medications and vet bills

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